The thesis projects we propose are based on researching and testing new algorithms or methods to tackle issues in existing machine learning and deep learning scenarios. The world of computer vision is the core of our research.

In order to obtain satisfying results when working on a thesis, the following requirements must be met before applying:

  • the student must have high programming skills and possess basic knowledge of machine learning theory and its practical applications
  • it is mandatory to have attended one of the courses we provide (visit Teaching for more info).

The thesis will not begin until the student has a maximum of two exams to complete his studies.

If you meet the previous requirements and decide to ask us for a thesis, you will first have to pass a test in which we will evaluate:

  • your programming skills in Python, especially when using the PyTorch library
  • your mastery of machine learning and deep learning theory
  • any knowledge on a specific topic, agreed in advance.

When you send us your application, be sure to include your updated CV, containing the following information:

  • list of exams taken during your Master’s degree program with marks, together with your weighted average
  • list of exams taken during the Bachelor’s degree program with marks and your graduation grade
  • any past experience in the field of machine learning and/or computer vision.

If you are interested in our research and have the required skills, we will be glad to here from you!


Research topics of PhD programs are often extensions of the thesis work, previously started inside the laboratory.
Otherwise, if you wish to submit your application for joining us, feel free to send us an email with the following information:
  • your updated CV
  • your Master’s thesis
  • references from two tutors or supervisors.

Please refer to the following PhD program pages for the specific requirements and deadlines:

We hope to hear from you soon!